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SL Series Brochure

Volpak SL Series Brochure (English)

SP Series Brochure

Volpak SP Series Brochure (English)

SI Series: Industry 4.0 Packaging Solutions

Discover the new Volpak SI Series, the most versatile and flexible horizontal form fill and seal machine in the market is now faster, with larger pouch capabilities, smart factory connectivity, and recyclable ready:

  • Industry 4.0 ready: Smart with asset performance evaluation, central data storage, web-based self-diagnosis system and plug & play interconnectivity
  • Versatile: Outputs up to 360ppm from flat to stand-up pouches (up to 3000ml)
  • Eco-friendly: Recyclable material ready. Designed to run with a wide range of different materials: paper-based, mono-materials, etc.
  • Flexible: Quick size change over with automatic regulations for unskilled operators
  • Adaptable: New packaging designs, shapes, corner cap retrofit, top cap retrofitting

Enflex Flat Pouch Machinery Brochure

Enflex machines for flat pouches Brochure (English)

Enflex Doypack Machinery Brochure

Enflex Machines for Doypack Pouches (English)

Whitepaper Pet Food Industry_2022

Pet Food industry is experiencing robust growth: As a result, the demand for pet food has increased exponentially. 

The pet food packaging industry has undergone major changes, and flexible packaging is ideally suited to address these new challenges.

SC+ Series: To infinity & beyond

SC+ machine range, a breakthrough innovation in Stand-up pouch machinery reaching production and performance levels outclassing its competitors:

  • LIKE NO ONE: Unique touching technology (continuous motion)
  • TIDY: 60% less waste
  • CLEVER: 10% pouch size optimization
  • ECO FRIENDLY: 30% optimized footprint
  • FAST: 2X speed