Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

Our extensive global market presence, and close cooperation with key players of the FMCG segments around the world, provides us with a broad knowledge and plenty of insights regarding our customers’ needs.

We invest annually more than 5% of our sales in R&D to continuously improve our products and develop new breakthrough solutions, providing opportunities for our customers to optimize their production and to differentiate their portfolio.

In addition, Volpak can utilize the support of Coesia Engineering Centre team, with a view to combine its unique expertise in flexible packaging and the outstanding knowledge of other industrial and digital technologies present in the Group. 

Package innovation

Package Innovation

It is known that the correct packaging is essential for a product to succeed, as it is the first thing consumers notice and is a key element on which they make their decision in front of over-crowded shelves of today's supermarkets.

With decades of expertise in flexible packaging, Volpak can help customers develop eye-catching pouches to grab shoppers’ attention, but can also industrialize designs to optimize the cost of the package itself from the very first pouch produced.

Volpak’s technical experts can guide our customers through endless combinations of shapes, sizes, materials, closures and fitments, as well as special pouch designs such as DUO Pouch, BRICKPOUCH and STANDCAP, our latest development.


The packaging industry continues to push to improve sustainability with the use of recyclable materials that bring significant production challenges for manufacturers struggling to operate at the same performance level as with standard materials.

Accommodating sustainability efforts and working with different packaging materials qualities requires a machinery design that is smart and adjustable to specific production needs.

In this regard, Volpak machines are distinguished by energy-efficient production and maximum versatility on management of different types of films, including the recyclable ones, thanks to its unique and innovative features.