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New Materials



A new glance into the future.
Recyclable films are a first important step, but not the last. Worldwide, compostable and biodegradable materials are being studied and tested. That is why Volpak works closely with leading film providers worldwide.

Using recyclable film brings big challenges when including additional elements like zipper, cap or spout. The difference between plastics, even all from the same polymer bringing new challenges in the sealing process. Capping is the most challenging process right now and in particular for monoPE films.

Recyclable Pouch
Volpak offers a brand new packaging technology allowing customers to produce flexible pouches made of 100% recyclable paper (no aluminium or plastic film).
Volpak’s mission is to design packaging machines that allow the production of sustainable packaging that does not cost the earth and helps the circular economy.

Volpak always at the forefront of pouch innovation!

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