Packaging Styles

Stand-up pouches. The modern pouches.

Stand-up pouches, also known as doypacks, have a gusset at the bottom allowing higher volume of contents as well as to display them upright on retail shelves.

Today, stand-up pouches are one of the fastest-growing choice packaging for several important industries, from food to home care products. They are self-standing, easy to customize, and attractive to consumers.

The stand-up pouch technology has evolved offering brand owner’s custom-made solutions enabling high levels of personalization for their packaging, great product protection, and improved recyclability.

Doypacks are approved for e-commerce, and consumers like their ease of use, reclosing ability, possibility to empty the whole content, and easy disposal with minimum waste volume. A wide assortment of add-ons can be applied to them such as zipper, top cap, lateral cap, cornet cap, euro hole, tear notch…

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Stand-up pouch

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Flat pouches

Flat pouches

Flat pouches. Classics never die. 

Flat pouches, also known as sachets, can have three or four side seals; they can also be regular in shape, or contoured for better ergonomics or branding purposes.

Sachets are available in different materials that offer excellent product protection and environmental benefits. They are easy to handle, lightweight, and convenient.

The flat sachet is widely used across all industries, from food to personal or home care, as well as powered drinks or chemicals.

Reclosable flat pouches. Keep it fresh!

Applications such as zippers or caps allow flat pouches to be reclosable. This enables multiple dosing while keeping product properties preserved intact after each use.

Flat pouches with closures are mostly seen on spices, grated cheese, snacks, confectionery products or cosmetics.

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STANDCAP pouches. Squeeze and empty!

The STANDCAP pouch is an inverted pouch that combines the easy handling of a bottle with the convenience of a flexible pouch.

Its innovative and fun shape will allow you to display your product in a differentiating and unique way: The STANDCAP is excellent for Sauces, Dairy creamy products, spreads and toppings, home care, and personal care.

Rigid packaging wastes up to 15% of the product, not with STANDCAP. This flexible packaging allows the use of up to 99%. Squeeze till the last drop!

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Straw-in pouches. Beverage on the go!

The straw-in is a stand-up pouch with a straw inside is the ideal flexible pouch for beverages and on-the-go consumption.

Easy to open, handy, attractive and playful, one of its main benefits is that you can drink down until the last drop and is environmental friendly since while being disposed the straw remains attached to the pouch.

Ideal to carry around in rucksacks and pretty much any sort of pocket, kids love it!

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Straw-in pouch

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