pet care

Caring for our pets has become an important part of our consumption. This is evidenced by the growth of the premium sector in pet products.

The pet food sector is becoming more and more specialized, whether in special foods by age group, veterinary conditions, nutritional improvements

pet care

Flexible pouching is the ideal choice for both dry pet food products (kibble or treats), as well as semi-moist products (meat-based food), or liquids (soups).

Wet pet food dosing often contains thick liquids and gels at high temperatures, critical for proper pouch sealing. Accurate pouch formation is necessary to avoid leakage.

pet care pouches

Flexible packaging offers several advantages, such as convenience, lightweight, ideal capacity, and long shelf life.

The most used pouches for Pet care are doypack with zipper (for pet treats, snacks, or veterinary complements) and flat pouches (most commonly used for wet pet food).

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