Home care

Consumer awareness to reduce plastic consumption has increased the use of resealable, refillable flexible packaging, gaining ground over traditional rigid plastic packaging.

Chemical ingredients are reduced in product formulations favoring the use of more natural ingredients that are less harmful to both the environment and consumers.


Home care

Refill pouches require an efficient design of the pouring channel that guarantees the fluidity of the product regardless of changes in product viscosity.

Dosing of foaming products can have its flaws. We choose the most suitable filling and foam extraction system depending on the product and the required production speed.

Home care pouches

Stand-up pouches are one of the fastest-growing choice packaging for home care products thanks to their lightness and portability.

Pods or tablets are increasingly being used in both laundry care and dishwashing detergents.

Improved cold wash efficiency is the goal for many household product manufacturers. Thus, helping to build more sustainable homes.


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