Dairy food is present in humans since we are born, and it is part of our diet for a lifetime.

There is a wide range of dairy products, from simple milk to yogurts, via cheeses, cream cheese, condensed milk, baby food, and many more.

Plant-based alternatives to dairy are the biggest boom in this market.


Flexible pouching is a suitable type of packaging for this market as it allows a complete airtightness of the package combined with a long shelf-life, and freshness.

This type of package is suitable for the ease of use, the ability to empty the contents, lightness, and shape that allows it to be stored and consumed at any moment and any place.  

Dairy pouches

Stand-up pouch with anti-choke top caps is the most common presentation utilized in dairy.

The STANDCAP pouch is ideal for creams.

Recyclability, product protection, and convenience are the main challenges of the dairy industry.

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