Man looking at his computer screen at the Volpak Tech Training Center online campus.

Volpak Tech Training Center news for 2022

When it comes to the packaging machinery industry, technology is constantly evolving, and the training of employees becomes a major driver for a successful organization.

Qualified machine operators help to maintain the highest standards of quality and efficiency, while helping to reduce downtime of machinery, due to the quick response of trained operators to solve problems arising at any given moment.

Back in 2019 at Volpak, we created the Tech Training Center betting on the necessary training of our customers' technicians. With the only aim of improving the skills of our customers' maintenance personnel, equipment operators, and production line managers. This translates into a significant improvement in the operations and efficiency of their productions.

Within this context, during the last months of 2021, the Technical Training Center has been developing significant innovations for the coming year 2022, as detailed below.

High-quality and extensive online training

Volpak Tech Training Center improvements focus on providing higher quality and more extensive on-site and online training.

A first milestone, Volpak's training has been adapted to the current pandemic scenario. Training courses are offered 100% digitally, accessible from any location.

In addition, training documentation has been improved, tailored to the needs and the type of customer attending these training. Furthermore, we have incorporated new contents extending beyond the maintenance operations of the packaging machinery, by including preventive actions and in-depth knowledge of Volpak's technology.

We are confident these changes will enable our customers to get the most out of our solutions.

Our mission is for our customers to become experts in Volpak machinery.

New projects for 2022

In late 2021 and early 2022, Tech Training Center has been working on new projects: Training rooms and space for clients.

A further major improvement Volpak is working on for the Technical Training Center is providing the physical spaces for hands-on training and customer service.

We are therefore building two new training rooms and a customer area, which have been specially designed according to our core principles of sustainability, and environmental friendliness.

Training facilities will include a 100 m2 multi-disciplinary space, fully equipped with the latest multimedia technology, an integrated sound system for better audio quality, and multi-touch screens for greater interactivity. They will also include all the necessary sanitary measures to prevent COVID -19.

We want our training to be a unique, safe, and memorable experience.

The customer's area will include two exclusive rooms to guarantee a pleasant stay for our customers by creating a private, secure and exclusive environment for them.

Digitization of training content

Innovation is also one of our fundamental pillars, and training is no exception. Consequently, we are digitizing all documents and training content making it more attractive, interactive, and effective.

We seek to offer high-quality and outstanding training, both online and on-site. In particular, we aim to deepen the knowledge of Volpak equipment to our customers.

For instance, in 2021 we have already launched the first set of new training courses with advanced training content, innovative methodologies, and interactive 3D technology.

These contents have already been used with some of our customers, achieving excellent feedback.

Updating equipment manuals to the new digital era

As part of our commitment to digitization across all our areas of work, we are redesigning all the technical manuals for our equipment.

In order to do so, we have chosen the latest HTML5 and CSS3 responsive technologies - that not only represents a step forward in terms of documentation integration in the Industry 4.0 process - but also allow the content to automatically adapt to any device you want to access it from (Smartphone, Tablet, monitor).

These are just some of the most recent actions that we are preparing at our Technical Training Center to be carried out throughout 2022.

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