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Volpak PouchLab, one step more towards a greener world.

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At Volpak, we take sustainability very seriously.

We know that, compared to other types of packaging, flexible packaging has a smaller impact on the environment due to less energy consumption during production, lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduced storage and transportation space.

Nevertheless, we are also aware that flexible packaging, if not properly collected and disposed of, can be harmful to our planet, and therefore we feel a responsibility to do more. 

With this in mind, we created the Volpak PouchLab, an R&D excellence center open to packaging industry offering the possibility to analyze behaviors of new materials, such as paper-based or mono-material films, and test them on our machines. 

In addition, our most recent machine models are already prepared to handle sustainable materials, always oriented to OEE increase and waste reduction, whilst we also have developed upgrades and kits to retrofit your installed machines.

Volpak can truly support your business in tackling the sustainability challenge.

Watch the video and discover more about our commitment for a brighter future!

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