Innovation and continuous support throughout your machine's lifecycle

Volpak: innovation and continuous support throughout your machine's lifecycle

In the world of industrial machinery where every detail matters and precision and efficiency reign supreme, Volpak stands out as a reliable and experienced travel companion. Our relationship with each customer does not end with the purchase of a machine; it’s a journey we embark on together, from design to delivery, from installation through every production run.

Volpak: our customer care vision

Volpak’s promise is clear: to accompany customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their machines. Our commitment, in fact, is not limited to supply and installation but extends to constant and careful support aimed at maximizing the productivity and profitability of our customers’ operations. Our services portfolio is designed to meet every need and to ensure that each machine operates at its full capacity, embracing new market and technology trends like sustainability and digitalization.

Volpak: your trusted partner at every step of the journey

In a world where technology is constantly evolving and quality is a promise kept, how can a machine remain state-of-the-art, efficient, and durable over time? Let's delve into the methodologies and strategies employed by Volpak to ensure that its machinery remains cutting-edge. 

A fundamental basis for this excellence is the availability of spare parts. Through Volpak Spare Parts services, not only are original spare parts provided, but stock management is also taken care of; including annual ordering, safety stock, and scheduling replacements. Thanks to the Coesia Webshop, customers have continuous access to all the necessary information concerning prices, availability, delivery times, and shipping details, all available 24/7 at the click of a button.

To tackle any maintenance-related challenges, Volpak has a team of profesional technicians, always ready to intervene. Our helpdesk, through an effective ticket system, follows, monitors, and resolves technical issues in the shortest possible time, thus minimizing unplanned downtime and safeguarding the customer's investment. 

The path of innovation is relentless, and our response to this challenge is the continuous modernization of machines. We implement the latest technologies to enhance performance and integrate new functionalities, in response to the needs of an evolving market. Our extensive portfolio includes upgrade kits and customized solution, to ensure your machine will always be as efficient as possible.

In addition, we take care of the human aspect as well to maximize the potential of the machines. We offer our customers detailed technical documentation and training courses, designed to enrich the skills of maintenance staff, operators, and line managers. 

Finally, our consultancy services allow customers to benefit from the experience accumulated by Volpak. Our technical support ranges from analysis to design to the implementation of process adjustments, thus improving the overall efficiency of the machines and your production processes.

Volpak: the partner for all your machine's needs

At Volpak we strive to be much more than a supplier; we want to be a trusted partner that ensures that every day, every machine, and every customer reach their maximum potential. Each step we take is driven by a vision of excellence, efficiency, and durability, to ensure that to ensure that our flexible packaging solutions meet our customers' current and future needs.

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