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Volpak gears up for a waste-free future with the first-ever recyclable paper pouch

Packaging trends are moving towards fully-recyclable solutions all over the world. This movement comes in response to new regulations on environmental pollution, as well as more eco-friendly consumer behaviors, across the globe. To help respond to these market needs, Volpak has innovated a brand new packaging technology that allows customers to produce flexible pouches made of 100% recyclable paper.

A new dawn for the flexible pouch

The new technology by Volpak is the first of its kind, pioneering a market shift towards flexible pouching solutions that are also ecological. With some types of plastics soon to be banned in certain countries, the new Volpak equipment also responds to a growing urgency among companies worldwide to adopt paper-based, or other types of recyclable material, for their packaging.

The new system is available on new machines, with the option of installing it on existing Volpak machines as an upgrade. The retrofit offers overall improved sealing sequence and equipment, including a variety of format options for the pouch design. Thanks to the modification, the machine converts the existing production line into a fully recyclable one.

Flexible solutions for a better world

Consumers are also increasingly seeking alternatives to unrecyclable materials due to multiple environmental campaigns about the impact of microplastics on marine life. The design of flexible pouches addresses the issue by eliminating the need for plastic labels, thanks to the great printability of paper film directly on the pack. Volpak is already partnering with a food corporation to produce recyclable packaging for products across international markets.

Flexible pouches are also fundamentally less wasteful for reasons beyond just material. Since pouches pack much more product than solid materials, they save on costs and energy in their production and transport, while also being adaptable across a variety of product types. For these reasons, pouches can be considered among the most cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions, and the first step towards a waste-free future.

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