Volpak at Pack Expo 2018

Volpak will be present at Pack Expo International at Coesia Group  Booth S-2501 from October 14 to 17, displaying its frontrunner technology for the management of recyclable materials.

During the four days of the show, a special focus will be given to the new VOLPAK SI 280, a horizontal FFS machine for stand up pouches distinguished by maximum versatility on management of different types of films.

SI Series, technologically ready to operate with recyclable materials.

While the packaging industry continues to push for the use of recyclable materials, thereby bringing significant challenges for manufacturers on equipment performance level, Volpak has already developed the technology to operate with this kind of materials. Stability in the forming process, control of film stretching, precise settings and accurate control of sealing parameters (that is Time, Pressure and Temperature) are key elements to producing good quality and leak-proof pouches, especially if made with down-gauge packaging films.

In this regard, the new SI 280 on show is equipped with cutting-edge solutions for management of different packaging materials qualities. Moreover, as with all latest VOLPAK machines, the SI 280 addresses the needs and requirements of Industry 4.0 and digitalization, hence comes with a set of "smart" advanced devices such as an asset performance evaluation system, central data storage, web-based self-diagnosis system and plug & play interconnectivity.

STANDCAP, the ground-breaking pouch achieving resounding success in the US.

The STANDCAP pouch, the innovative packaging solution developed by Volpak, which is currently experiencing a tremendous success in the States, will have a prominent place in the show. Customers and attendees will have the possibility to touch first-hand the incredible ease of use that STANDCAP offers in various applications.

Not only is STANDCAP fun and easy to hold and squeeze for consumers, but also it provides instant shelf impact through its unique shape, making it the perfect eye-catcher to grab shoppers’ attention: based on eye-tracking studies indeed, shoppers noticed the STANDCAP pouch 40% faster and looked at it 53% longer compared to more rigid packaging.

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