The “Single-serve stand pouch”: a package for today’s society

Made in VOLPAK, appreciated worldwide
The pace of modern life results in lower shopping frequencies and less time for cooking. In addition, weekday eating habits tend to favour meals prepared in individual portions. It is within this scenario that the “single-serve pouch” emerges as the ideal packaging option for both present and future society.

It is a container which in addition to being very competitively priced is also convenient, attractive, functional, environmentally sustainable and also maintains the quality of packaged products for longer periods of time. VOLPAK, in line with market trends, has developed a machine model which is optimised, compact, economical, fast and efficient. It is also specifically dedicated to the production of “single-serve stand-up pouches”. Made of stainless steel with a design capable of meeting high standards of food and personal hygiene products, it provides an output of 200 containers per minute. It is suitable for room temperature, hot-fill and retort packaging. Customers from the tomato sauce, salad dressing, mayonnaise, concentrated soups, soaps and liquid detergent sectors are already working with this model.

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