Solar Panel Instalation

Sustainability beyond the pouches

Besides seeking to design machines that optimally work with 100% recyclable materials, we are taking a significant leap toward sustainability by implementing an innovative photovoltaic generator field at our facility. 

Embracing Eco-Friendly Practices for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The importance of industries transitioning towards eco-friendly practices cannot be overstated. As global concerns about environmental impact intensify, companies like VOLPAK are at the forefront, showcasing the pivotal role of sustainable initiatives in shaping a responsible and resilient future. As active agents of our surrounding environment, we are aware of our role in the commitment to green standards, inspiring other industries to follow suit for a healthier planet and more sustainable business practices. 

Construction Details

As one of the first decisions we made on our path towards sustainability, we installed a photovoltaic field, made of 920 SHARP mono solar panels, each boasting a capacity of 540 Wp, covering a substantial area of 2,300 m2. Strategically positioned on an aluminum support structure inclined at 10°, these panels ensure optimal exposure to sunlight, thereby maximizing overall system efficiency. An outstanding feature of this system is its ability to individually disconnect each series of panels through continuous current switches, offering flexible and precise management of the generated energy. 

Solar Panel Roof - Volpak

Energy Production

The entire system has a robust total capacity of 496,800 Wp, seamlessly integrated into the internal electrical grid of the building, effectively contributing to meeting the internal energy demand. Four three-phase inverters, each with a capacity of 110 kW, guarantee that the produced electricity aligns with the voltage and frequency standards mandated by current regulations, ensuring a continuous and reliable flow. 

Operational Overview

Since the solar installation has started operating, all photoelectric energy generated, expected to reach 84,675 kWh by year-end, has been primarily directed towards self-consumption. This strategic shift significantly reduces current consumption from the power grid, with estimates suggesting that the energy saved will account for an impressive 42% of the total electrical consumption, thereby forecasting a substantial reduction in emissions of tons of CO2. 

A Tradition of Innovation 

VOLPAK's commitment to sustainable energy management underscores a concrete contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, exemplifying the potential positive impact of sustainable initiatives in the corporate context. Alain Zijlstra, CEO of VOLPAK, emphasizes: "Beyond the reduction in energy costs, this choice reflects our long-term commitment to sustainability. With this installation, we aim to demonstrate that it is possible to marry operational efficiency with eco-friendly business practices." 
Furthermore, the decision not to integrate an energy storage system aligns with VOLPAK's vision, focusing on directing energy production towards the internal electrical grid. This approach aims to promote energy efficiency and sustainable resource-sharing. It exemplifies how technology and sustainability can converge into a unified vision, paving the way toward a greener and more responsible corporate future. 

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