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Mirror Machine Design: An Efficient Solution for Packaging Production

Packaging production is a complex process that requires the collaboration of multiple machines to achieve optimal workflow. However, limited floor space in the production area can often hinder proper optimization. 

The mirror machine design allows customers to install two machines facing each other, with all access to all operative areas and controls accessible from the middle, while maintaining the same end-of-line workflow. This allows for the optimization of the overall packaging floor layout, reducing the number of operators required while ensuring the proper flow of materials, from raw materials to finished goods.

In addition, the mirror machine design also offers several key benefits:

  • Reduction of the number of operators: two machines on site can be supervised by only one operator.
  • Footprint: for similar output and features, it offers greater layout flexibility, optimizing space utilization.
  • Efficiency: customers can place machines following the flow of materials required by the location of different warehouses, reducing the transport of goods (raw materials, films, consumables, finished goods) from storage to the point of use and vice versa.
  • Complete automation: the end-of-line can be simplified as both machines can be connected to the same equipment end-of-line with a simplified layout.
  • Flexibility in production: the packaging area can be programmed for full production capacity on a single SKU, to work on separate SKUs simultaneously or to produce short batches with a single machine while the other is standing still. 
SI 440 can be executed as mirror machine
SI 440 can be executed as a mirror machine (optional).

From the end-user's perspective, the main benefits are cost reduction, optimization of space in terms of layout, optimization of material flow, and line automation. In terms of space restrictions, the mirror machine design can be an attractive solution when factory space cannot be increased. Customers need to think of a LINE rather than a MACHINE to automate lines.

In conclusion, the mirror machine design offers a smart solution for packaging production, offering considerable benefits, and Volpak customers are well aware of this. 

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