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How can the pouch industry address the changes in consumers’ behaviors?

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Over the last decade, technology has evolved from facilitating communication to enabling multi-dimensional interaction and collective experiences. This evolution will continue to shape how we connect to other people and influence our behaviours, even when grocery shopping.

On one side, people are continuously more willing to share their experiences with other people in the most “realistic” way possible through social media. Their fast-paced lifestyle leaves little margin for improvisation, with products for on-the-go consumption constantly growing in demand. Also driven by online engagement, consumers are increasingly use their wallets to protest the irresponsible use of plastic and demand companies to take action for improved packaging sustainability.

On the other side, digital connections and busy habits transformed enjoyment of social life in a form of obligation, to the point that consumers are looking for ways to carve out their personal space and limit their online activity. Globally, the number of single-person households will outpace the growth of all other household sizes, across diverse age cohorts, with younger generations embracing independent lifestyles.

Industries are transforming quickly to adapt to these changes in lifestyles, and the pouch sector is no exception.

Watch the video to find out which are the five most disruptive consumers’ trends in 2020, and see how pouches are growing in popularity thanks to their ability to match ever-changing people’s needs.

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