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ENFLEX for the Latin American market: flexibility and reliability for the food industry

Many customers are currently using Enflex solutions in the South American market, including Gourmet, a Chilean brand working in the Food industry and offering a wide variety of products ranging from dehydrated soups and creams, pastry products, to condiments, spices and liquid items such as soy sauce and other emulsions. 

More specifically, the Enflex technology is used by Gourmet for the packaging of condiments, soups, and confetti in three different pouch formats, capable of integrating a “zipper” type closing/opening system. The flexibility of the solutions employed by the Chilean company is such that it allows them to package more than 40 different types of products on the same machine, while following the highest standards in terms of safety, hygiene, and reliability. 

The company currently employs several Enflex units, including two F-14, one D-26 and three F-17.

The Enflex systems boast an extremely high production efficiency: we need to regularly change the products we’re packaging and Enflex machines have an OEE that is about 6% higher than other solutions. The product/format change over time is really minimal,” Sebastian Neumann Saavedra, Vice-responsible of Engineering, Maintenance and HSE, says. “The machines are also easy to use, as they are very stable: after an adequate setup time at the beginning of each shift, the dosing system is extremely precise and steady, and requires minimal adjustment during production, if at all.

sachet Gourmet chile

Three sachets made by Gourmet with Enflex machines

Maximum reliability and sustainability

Enflex machines have an established reputation in terms of technology, durability, and product quality, while also boasting high levels of flexibility and ease of use. The solutions developed by the Spanish brand also prioritize sustainability, since they are extremely energy efficient. In addition to this thanks to the research made in Volpak’s PouchLab laboratory, in the last few months Enflex machines have seen a further evolution and can now employ mono-materials such as PE and PP films.

However, one of the most valued characteristics in the South American market is still reliability, especially in the consumer goods industry. Enflex strongly believes in the quality of its solutions and, from 2021, the company offers an extended warranty on all “F series” machines, which are now completely covered for 3 years.

Moreover, all the machines are equipped with a remote support system that – through a simple Internet connection – allows Volpak’s specialized technicians to remotely service the machine, a feature that has proved extremely valuable during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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