AcmaVolpak shelf stable pouches filled ultraclean

AcmaVolpak developed advanced technologies in order to produce stand up pouches in ultraclean or aseptic environment, allowing its clients to realize a packaging that is both practical and attractive, guaranteeing a great shelf life of the product as well. Ultraclean and aseptic solutions are specifically conceived for Dairy products and beverages in general.

Why pouches?
The stand-up pouch is the ideal container for dairy based products and beverages in general. Light, unbreakable, easy to consume on the go and with minimum volume of waste once consumed. Thanks to its flexibility, consumers can easily empty its contents by squeezing. In addition to being highly appreciated by brand owners for their efficiency in the manufacturing process and logistics, they also protect the product, are cost effective and are communicative and attractive in the selling place. Many dairy based products in pouches, which are consumed on the go in Europe, have been packaged with Volpak equipment.

Make it Ultraclean and Aseptic
Volpak solution is suitable for alive and self-protecting products, disinfecting package laminate and fitments and working under laminar flow, so that the product could last 30 days in cold distribution chain. The aseptic feature allows the sterilization of pouch with non-condensed peroxide in gas form and is therefore indicated for products that are a biologic growing media and distributed out of cold chain. Volpak, world leader in the design and manufacturing of packaging machines for stand-up pouches, has a wide range of hygienic pouching machines for natural products (milk, cream, liquid desserts, creams, natural juices, flavored waters, yogurts, etc.) that have to be packaged with Ultraclean, Extended Shelf Life or Aseptic technology. In addition to having certified technology for aseptic packaging even for neutral pH products, recently Volpak obtained US certification from 3-A Sanitary Standards.

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