AcmaVolpak Advanced Remote Assistance (ARA): a must-have tool for customer’s daily operation

AcmaVolpak Advanced Remote Assistance (ARA) is a new stage in the evolution of remote assistance, a huge step forward leveraging the huge potential of the internet. With one click, one of the AcmaVolpak’s experienced technician is instantly transported into the customer's premises being able to generate a quick diagnosis and give assistance.

Highly compatible with any IT security policy at final customer premises
ARA has been conceived to be installed on end-customer corporate networks with minimal requirements and security adaptations. The only need is to have an Ethernet RJ-45 socket with Internet connectivity. Like any bank application would do on a PC, ARA will establish a VPN secure connection between your central PC and the closed private LAN of our machines. No need to open extra ports, nor filtered IP. The system guarantees maximum quality, reliability and security of communications: there will be no more interruptions, interferences nor failures in the transmission, since every minute spent into communication issues is a waste of valuable resources.

A flexible tool right where and when you need it
ARA offers the possibility to easily link a problem to the most convenient expert engineer seated at AcmaVolpak office desk, meaning substantial savings, ranging from flight tickets, international calls, or specialized training for local staff. ARA is not only a way to remotely access your PLC or devices, but also an effective tool to interact with your team members located where assistance is needed. The average time dedicated to solve a problem is statistically reduced by a 75% from the required time on traditional processes. Also, the potential of multimedia tools work to client’s advantage: this way, a popular device like a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop can become an useful industrial tool, giving AcmaVolpak the chance to supervise any situation in real time, and audio to talk with your maintenance staff with zero phone cost.

Looking to the future without forgetting the past.
ARA solution is installed on all the production machines, but it is also available as ARA kit for your old machines installed. Including the multimedia advantages as standard, the kit is customized for each machine to communicate by serial/ MPI/Ethernet, etc.

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