STANDCAP inverted pouch and breakdancer with Barcelona skyline

Sometimes to stand out you have to flip your perspective.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the WOW effect!

The innovative STANDCAP is an easy-to-use lightweight inverted pouch providing mess-free dispensing, and instant shelf impact.

STANDCAP inverted pouch structure

You've never seen a pouch like this!

STANDCAP is made of:
1. an inverted wedge-shaped structure with large billboard to enhance brand visibility

2. a light flexible foil allowing for one-hand dispensing while reducing material usage

3. a flip top cap featuring a no-spill valve to close the package safely after every use

It's as simple as that.

Ready for double digit market growth?

The STANDCAP inverted pouch combines the easy handling of a bottle with the convenience of a pouch and it does so in an extraordinary way.

The fun, unique shape of STANDCAP provides an excellent way for category leaders to breathe new life into established product categories and for emerging brands to close sales at the shelf.

STANDCAP main market segments
STANDCAP inverted pouch compared to rigid packaging

STANDCAP vs. traditional packaging

No contest. STANDCAP rules.

A pretty large amount of ‘good’ product gets wasted every day because consumers can't get it out of the traditional packaging it came in. In fact, as much as 15% of every bottle of ketchup, jar of jam, or container of shampoo is simply tossed out.

Thanksfully that is no longer the case thanks to STANDCAP.

What’s unique about the STANDCAP inverted pouch is its capability to provide 99% product evacuation, allowing consumers to easily squeeze every last drop from the pouch.

STANDCAP mockups by Glenroy

The proof of STANDCAP's success

In eye-tracking studies, shoppers noticed the STANDCAP inverted pouch 40% faster and looked at it 53% longer compared to rigid packages!

Daisy Squeeze Sour Cream packaging awards

From Volpak, there's a solution for every operation

We have multiple options to make STANDCAP available to you.

Whether large-scale or small-batch production, we’re sure you will find the solution your brand needs.

STANDCAP inverted pouch and letter envelope

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