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Equipment Modernization

Extend lifetime, meet new regulatory standards, improve performance and enhance functionalities of your equipment. VOLPAK provides a huge portfolio of Kits and upgrades, and also customized solutions.


Upgrades & Kits

The complete VOLPAK portfolio of machine upgrades & kits  gives you alternatives to improve the return of your investment. Some benefits are: Improve product quality and efficiency, waste reduction, safety, easy maintenance, reduce time to market, etc.


Rebuilding & Refurbishments

A complete rebuild is suggested for machines which have been used for more than 25,000 hours or have exceeded 10 years of service. The knowledge of how the machinery was developed is crucial to be able to decide where new parts need to be installed or which upgrades are most useful. 

The advantages of a  complete refurbishment are: Improve the performance to the original machine level,  product quality, complete and updated documentation, machinery compliance with health & safety regulations in force at the individual work place/country, etc...


Control System Upgrade

VOLPAK makes a complete analysis of the customers Control Systems and offers an Electronic Obsolescence Change program as a preventive maintenance helping to its customers to maintain the level of efficiency and reduce unexpected downtime.