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VOLPAK: fast moving for the consumer goods market
After a successful 2017 with a 30% revenue growth, 2018 started with an order book that keeps expanding. VOLPAK, one of Coesia’s companies, is the pioneer and the leading brand in the design and manufacturing of HFFS machines for Flat and Stand Up flexible pouches, says goodbye to 2017 with satisfaction and gets ready to address the challenges of the new year with renewed optimism. On the horizon are the introduction of an innovative high-speed pouching machine, a renewed “industry 4.0 ready” SI-series and many other events.
Volpak at Interpack: your pouching partner
VOLPAK, a Coesia Company and the leading brand in horizontal FFS pouching machines, presents its latest advancements in pouching technology with three machines at the show. VOLPAK machines are suitable for many different needs, from low to high volume production, up to high speed continuous production, being capable of packaging a wide range of products for the food, pharma, home care and personal care industries.
Cdti project name: development of a system based on artificial intelligence techniques for the inspection of seals in horizontal packaging lines
Project Reference:  IDI-20150175
Project goal:   The main objective of the project is the development and design of a system, based on artificial intelligence techniques for the inspection of seals in flexible packaging.
VOLPAK, a Coesia company, has recently published its renewed website
VOLPAK, a Coesia company, has recently published its renewed website, designed for easy and accessible navigation for the customers as well as other users. The new website has been studied and structured according to Web 2.0. and provides a very clear and complete information respective Volpak’s fields of competence and packaging solutions offered
VOLPAK at Pack Expo: flexible solutions for flexible packaging
VOLPAK took part at Pack Expo Exhibition, in Chicago, from the past November 6th to November 9th, presenting the latest advancement in pouching technology.
VOLPAK SI-440: a new solution for innovative markets
The company is investing strongly to keep its technological at the state of the art. In fact, new machines and solutions are being developed, ready to hit the market in 2017, such as the SI-440, which will further expand the successful SI series.
Advanced technology for the flexible packaging industry
VOLPAK, part of the Coesia group, is a world leader in design and sales of high-speed horizontal automatic machines for forming and filling pouch-type packaging: a solution applicable to a wide range of industries, from food to pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cosmetics.
VOLPAK and ENFLEX, one company, two brands: the story
Founded in 1979, VOLPAK merged with the Coesia group in 1996, subsequently benefiting from its expertise and the solidity of what is now one of the biggest and most important packaging groups in the world. In 2001 VOLPAK acquired ENFLEX, a company specializing in the design and sale of medium-speed horizontal flexible packaging machines, further expanding its portfolio of solutions.
Strategic and competitive advantages
In the flexible pouch packaging sector, VOLPAK boasts the unique know-how that comes from constant technological research and over 40 years of experience. This translates into the ability to handle various packaging materials and the possibility of customizing solutions to suit the product to be packaged, whether it be solid or liquid, and with different levels of viscosity and density.
Trend & style for Confectionery market: VOLPAK offers the possibility to make your products more practical and attractive:
VOLPAK offers a complete line for the packaging of confectionery products, from pouch to case, ready to display. Pouches with a convenient and functional opening and re-closing system giving you the chance to open it, use its content and close the package at your convenience. The line is composed by three different machines: SP-90 (pouching machine), Pak 1312 (cartoner machine) and Daina 200 (case packer machine).
The “Single-serve stand pouch”: a package for today’s society
The concept of the traditional household with a family comprising several members is being replaced by single-person and single-parent households. Studies indicate that these two types of households will show the highest rates of growth over the next 15 years, with figures approaching 30% depending on the country. In Japan a third of the population currently lives alone. In Germany the percentage is 40%, while more than a quarter of the population of the United States lives alone.
Innovative packaging: Twin-Doypack – two products packaged as one
Twin-Doypack is a new flexible pouch packaging developed by VOLPAK. It is the ideal solution for those looking for an incredibly practical, appealing and secure packaging system. Twin-doypack is a good way for product promotion. It has a large flat surface and stands up on its own thanks to its special shape.
AcmaVolpak Advanced Remote Assistance (ARA): a must-have tool for customer’s daily operation.
AcmaVolpak Advanced Remote Assistance (ARA) is a new stage in the evolution of remote assistance, a huge step forward leveraging the huge potential of the internet. With one click, one of the AcmaVolpak’s experienced technician is instantly transported into the customer's premises being able to generate a quick diagnosis and give assistance.
AcmaVolpak developed advanced technologies in order to produce stand up pouches in ultraclean or aseptic environment, allowing its clients to realize a packaging that is both practical and attractive, guaranteeing a great shelf life of the product as well. Ultraclean and aseptic solutions are specifically conceived for Dairy products and beverages in general.
A new image for COESIA Group
2015 marks the inauguration of a new visual identity for COESIA. Developing out of the original trademark, the new logo embraces and represents the Group companies with a more dynamic and harmonious graphic.